Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Salam, beberapa hari yang lalu la kan..mak aku(was a CBNers) auntie aku(was a TKC) sumer nyer baru habes REUNION..THE GOLDEN 80's..ahahaahah.So,I was thinking if we also will have THAT kind of reunion..you know,at hotels with all the glimmers and shine from the dresses that we wear :)Well, you know that time we might be like DOKTOR,MAJISTRET,LAWYER..ahaha.In order with that,marilah same2 mengetopkan blog ni so it will not xtinguish(OK INI TAKDE KAITAN)Ahaha,reunion....05/09

pss : aku blk 8 mac ni yeay.(and aku dh dpt keje..huhu $18 perday)


Anonymous said...

aku nak password and emel bloggg nh!

bay said...

eh eh mak doty cbn! :) sama sama!haha

W N Adilah ooh*) said...
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Alinn Dali said...

i miss my girls..
aku bru nk terkedek- kedek.=)